I LOVE web design and development. I just do. If I were a millionaire I'd still be doing it. I have been in IT for 20+ years, mostly in web design. I started off taking a single course at a community college. It was a birthday present from a friend. The professor billed the class as "Web Design Using FrontPage" which we actually used the very last week of class. She made us hand code everything in notepad or wordpad. To this day I can quote the code to build out a basic page. I graduated from Notepad and Frontpage and moved into Dreamweaver. It's an awesome program. I taught myself whatever I could, taking classes here or there when I couldn't find books to study from. I love learning new technologies.

I started a small business and started picking up webdesign clients. I used DreamWeaver templates to control sites but wanted something more/better. There weren't many CMS around at the time so I built my own using PHP, MySQL and Javascript. I called it "WebSight Administrator" and even had an eyeball for the dot in the letter "i". I thought it was cool and edgy (my wife assures me it is not and never will be). I would add new features and functionality but in the end I was 1 man vs whole teams developing new CMS. I decided I should probably get acquainted with a few as they were the new future. I tried WordPress which was in it's infancy and also MoveableType but settled on Joomla as a go-to CMS. It really has matured into a solid CMS. I didn't stop with just one CMS though. I began exploring multiple ones. Now my list includes, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine, Django, Ektron, and several others.

Several years back while working at one former employer I was asked if I had any interest in mobile. I had been studying some on my own and was really interested in doing more with it. I was given the opportunity to build out an app for a tv station. Nobody else seemed to want to learn it, so I did. When I left not only had I built out 52 apps for iOS and Android, but also for Amazon and been a project lead for an iPad only news app. I built out my own app in Titanium Appcelerator as a proof of concept for the employer that we could actually build apps in-house. Since then I have worked on a number of proprietary apps in various platforms including Xcode, Android, PhoneGap and Titanium Appcelerator.

At one point in my career while running my own business I was also teaching kids and adults in basic computer use as well as web design fundamentals. I taught 3rd grade thru 8th grade and then taught an after school class to teens. Later I proctored a class at VCU teaching graphic design students who had never seen code basic web design. I taught them HTML, CSS, JavaScript and then Twitter-Bootstrap so they could combine the core into a nice responsive website. Most did not have an online portfolio so that was their final class project, make a Portfolio website.

I am certified by Google as a Google Analytics Expert as well as Mobile Sites Expert. And I am working on my certification for Drupal from Acquia Drupal.