“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story.” –Tate Linden

Growing up, I always knew I was headed for a career in the visual arts or writing. Telling stories through words and images was a simple as breathing and the need to create as essential as oxygen. After attending Virginia Commonwealth University first as a painting major and then graduating with a degree in Communication Arts and Design, I made my home in Richmond, Virginia. I worked several years as a Medical-Legal Illustrator and after that graphic design and prepress for a large commercial printer. Through those experiences, I gained a strong foundation in the basic principles of preparing a job for successful printing and working with clients to determine which options they should consider and which solution best meets their needs.

After that, I transitioned into full-time graphic design working first as the only designer and then the Senior Designer at a non-profit that went from a small warehouse to a 20 million dollar facility and at the same time, as the co-owner of Loughlin Designs. Whether working with our own clients, or with a team -- I love the challenge of developing and implementing creative brand strategies. I love developing just the right piece that helps an entrepreneur build their brand. I love telling the stories of people living lives that of impact and vision. Telling those stories is what inspired me to become a graphic designer in the first place. 

Making the choice to focus on our own business full time, has also given me greater freedom to give back to the community in meaningful ways. I deeply believe that everyone deserves beauty. As a muralist, bringing art to forgotten corners of the inner-city I have seen how a painting design can change a street. As an Urban Gardener, I have seen how a garden design can transform a community. Finding the courage to tell a story can change the ending.

The right design changes everything.

Contact me here. It's time to tell your story.