At Loughlin Design, we help you tell your story.
The "why" of developing a brand identity is simple: to clearly communicate who you are and what you offer your target audience. But the process is anything but simple. Making a logo that "looks good" is not enough. A great brand identity will illuminate what drives you and differentiates you. A great brand identity will allow your ideal clients to seek you out in a crowded visual marketplace and make the choice to engage with you.

You will work directly with a seasoned and intuitive graphic artist, Rachel Loughlin and an enterprise level web developer, Buddy Loughlin. We walk with you through a four-step process: Dreaming, Defining, Designing and Delivering that allows us to successfully tell your story through your brand. 
Read more about Our Process here.
We are committed to making your design both beautiful and effective. Let us help you create a brand identity that authentically reflects your enduring vision, aspirations, and values - but with an eye to where you need to be navigating to meet future challenges.
We’ve created brand identities for clients for more than a decade. Because different clients will have different needs, we offer a variety of options. These range from logo only (The Short Story) to a more comprehensive branding package (The Bestseller) to a full suite encompassing both web and print essentials (The Classic).

We also provide quotes for clients requiring a tailored level of service and deliverables and are always happy to set up a meeting in person or over the phone to put together a custom proposal.

 Logo and Branding Packages

The Short Story ($299 for a limited time. Regularly $499)

A well-crafted logo is the foundation of your brand identity. Four to six logo concepts will be presented to you after initial research and sketching phase. From there, you will select an option for further draft rounds. Delivery of the logo will include unrestricted usage rights and the files you will need for any application, from the web to print or marketing and promotional items. 

File Usage Guide
A helpful sheet to explains the differences between the logo file formats we will send you. No need to guess, you will be able to choose confidently between the different file types (AI, PNG, and JPG), and also where to use each of the color formats we will specify on your logo file (Pantone, CMYK, and RGB).

The Bestseller ($499 for a limited time. Regularly $699)

Logo and File Usage Guide plus:

  • If you have chosen The Bestseller or Classic branding package, we will show you each logo option could be applied to sample pieces to help you get a feel of how well each solution might work.
  • 500 Designed and Printed Business Cards
  • Letterhead - provided digitally for use in Microsoft Word or in email
  • One custom designed Social Media Image to launch your new brand!
  • An identity manual that ensures consistency in future communications. It contains logo usage rules, primary color palette, secondary color palette

The Classic ($1200 for a limited time. Regularly $2000+)

Logo and File Usage Guide plus:

  • 500 designed and printed business cards for up to three team members

  • Letterhead - provided digitally for use in Microsoft Word

  • Email template

  • Envelope Design

  • An identity manual

  • Three Social Media Images to launch your new brand

CMS Based Website

  • Use of responsive Wordpress or Joomla design template that will function effectively on standard browsers, as well as most mobile devices 
  • Custom graphics for the site as needed throughout to maintain consistent look and feel.
  • Review of distinctive design and layout before proceeding with final site design
  • Up to 2 forms
  • Blog editable by client, with comments for visitor feedback
  • Media: Photos, Video, linked to YouTube can be incorporated directly into the site as desired.
  • Ability to link site to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or other Social networking avenues and embed feeds within site for active content
  • Content supplied by customer. Both content and navigation fully client editable
  • Backend web traffic monitoring and search engine activity reports available
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization/Keywords)

Hosting is also available for $15 per month.

A site requiring more complex items such as e-commerce, registrations, webcasting, multiple divisions, events or donations to the site after launch will require additional discussion and a custom website quote. 

Brand Case Studies 

GMG Transportation
GMG, located in Upstate New York, is nationally recognized as an active participant and member of key industry organizations that influence and impact the standards of the Third Party Logistics industry.  GMG had legacy branding and a website that were in great need of a refresh as they wanted to attract and empower top sales talent in a push to scale from a regional to a national business model. We worked with their Sales Executives to develop a new brand experience for this family company from the floor up, including logos, signage, marketing materials, stationery and a website that would enable the various divisions of the company to present a modern and unified face to potential clients and industry partners.

Yedda is the founder of Fantastically Fit! Inc. a holistic wellness company that helps individuals, businesses, and communities become healthier and wealthier with innovative strategies. Yedda wanted an immaculately clean, modern and streamlined look to help her stand out in a cluttered marketplace for health and wellness services. We delivered with two complimentary websites and print collateral that differentiate the two sides of her business focus while complimenting one another visually.

Bob Flynn

Bob Flynn is a Change Management Specialist who has initiated quantifiable, sustainable change in over sixty five public / private companies, governmental agencies, and associations, some of which include: Shell, Ingersoll-Rand, NASA, Trimac Transportation, Kraton Polymers, Spartech, US Postal Service, Gulf Winds International, Bechtel, Panasonic, Interbake Foods, Fluor-Daniels, Ontario Trucking Association, and NYNAS. For this diverse clientele, he has written an extensive body of expert workshops and systems. We have spent over a decade working closely with Bob producing a wide array of workbooks, infographics, Powerpoint presentations, certificates and a website. We have continued to evolve and refine his brand to reflect the high caliber clientele he is reaching. 
We are currently in the process of redesigning the current site we developed for him to be responsive and present a more unified look across various client's materials.

“Rachel has designed dozens of our workbooks and other ancillary materials for over five years. A consummate professional, Rachel is far more than a service provider, she is a highly valued business resource and partner. A true expert, and an absolute pleasure to work with, Rachel will add tremendous value to any business requiring high-level graphic design.” 
Bob Flynn, President

Lorna Kelly

We met Lorna Kelly, as she was in the process of starting up her new company, Virginia Natural Beauty LLC. It was immediately clear that this was more than just a business endeavor to her, it was the result of a lifelong passion for helping women embrace their natural beauty. Knowing her audience would be young, mobile, and web-savvy we built her site using responsive design so it would function well on a desktop or laptop, but also on the tablets and smartphones a significant portion of her potential audience would be using to access information about her events. We also create media kits and postcards she can use to promote her events both online and in local businesses. A successful web and print integration makes it easier for her to present a professional image to potential sponsors and to women in the community who come to her events and visit her site.

Stretch-n-Grow, Inc

Stretch-n-Grow, Inc. was established in Galveston, Texas in January 1992, and is now the world's premier children's fitness franchise opportunity. There are thousands of Stretch-n-Grow franchises around the world, but until now the branding and marketing materials were largely left to the individual owners to develop. Beginning with a single owner, I was recommended by word of mouth between owners until the President of the company reached out about establishing a cohesive collection of materials that could be utilized by owner's worldwide. At their recent 25th Anniversary Conference, Loughlin Design was recommended to all the attendees. If you are a franchise owner, click here to view our extensive selection of designs and details on web design.

Jack and Jill School

This family-owned school Founded in 1953 is well-known in the Richmond area as one of parents' favorite choices for preschool and summer camp. Most of their advertising has been word of mouth so the website has never been a huge emphasis and was largely done by volunteers. Loughlin Design has worked with the school for many years on fun and creative annual postcard campaigns for each school year and camp season theme and was delighted to finally have to opportunity to bring the same professionalism and brand consistency from those pieces to the overall school website.