Our design process is centered on ensuring the client arrives at the highest quality solution that meets your individual needs, goals and vision.  There are typically four major steps involved in reaching that solution.

  • Dreaming
  • Defining
  • Designing
  • Delivering

1. Dreaming

The initial stage may consist of either or both of the following:

Initial phone or email conversations where we discuss covering your project objectives, timing, and budget.

In person meeting to discuss your project in detail and clarify basic issues and most importantly, listen as you describe what your goals and dreams are for business or ministry so that the work we complete can reflect your vision.

2. Defining

The second phase is where a budget is proposed and settled on an initial design ideas are created.

We will develop draft branding concepts and preliminary designs and you will select the best options for further development.

We present visual solutions and explain design decisions.

For web pages, we present a full explanation of the functionality desired in the site and then produce Photoshop design comps for review.

Following your review and feedback, we can amend the materials as required and, if necessary, present you with new ideas.

3. Designing

The third phase is where a design idea has been agreed upon and a budget set and now we are proceeding to the final design.

For print pieces, we prepare the artwork files and provide a PDF for you to review and make additional changes as needed.

Web sites are developed on a subfolder of our server after the initial payment is made, where you will be provided a private URL to view the page in progress and we will work together to bring the site to the place where you are ready to launch it to the world.

4. Delivering

After the work is completed to your satisfaction, final payment is made.

Print work can be sent to you in press-ready format for printing at the vendor of your choice, or I have a relationship with a trade printer and can offer you discounted printing at trade prices.

The website will go live under your domain.


Even after the site is live, and the print is ordered we remain committed to the relationship with you and will always be there to make changes or begin to dream about new projects we can tackle together. We are proud that many of our client relationships have stretched beyond a decade.