Bob Flynn is a Change Management Specialist who has initiated quantifiable, sustainable change in over sixty five public / private companies, governmental agencies, and associations, some of which include: Shell, Ingersoll-Rand, NASA, Trimac Transportation, Kraton Polymers, Spartech, US Postal Service, Gulf Winds International, Bechtel, Panasonic, Interbake Foods, Fluor-Daniels, Ontario Trucking Association, and NYNAS. For this diverse clientele, he has written an extensive body of expert workshops and systems. We have spent over a decade working closely with Bob producing a wide array of workbooks, infographics, Powerpoint presentations, certificates and a website. We have continued to evolve and refine his brand to reflect the high caliber clientele he is reaching. 
We are currently in the process of redesigning the current site we developed for him to be responsive and present a more unified look across various client's materials.

“Rachel has designed dozens of our workbooks and other ancillary materials for over five years. A consummate professional, Rachel is far more than a service provider, she is a highly valued business resource and partner. A true expert, and an absolute pleasure to work with, Rachel will add tremendous value to any business requiring high-level graphic design.” 
Bob Flynn, President